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DODANE 20.05.24

We know the winners of this year's Digital Dragons Awards!

The Digital Dragons Awards Gala is behind us. We have learned what were the best Polish
games of 2023.

Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty from CD PROJEKT RED turned out to be the best in two categories – Best Polish Game and Best Polish Narrative. The other winners were Against the Storm (Best Polish Game Design), Inkulinati (Best Polish Game Visual Art), The Invincible (Best Polish Game Audio), Hero Legacy: Adventure RPG (Best Polish Mobile Game), and Baldur's Gate 3 (Best Foreign Game).
Special Recognition Award went to Marta Fijak (Lead Game Designer, Mechanistry). Krakow Technology Park decided to honor the creator and educator who has made a significant contribution to both independent productions and the most important Polish titles of recent years, which have reached almost two million players and have been nominated for BAFTA awards.
I am very pleased that this year the statuette went to a woman. Marta has long been active in Polish gamedev, educating and inspiring. She is a leading expert in game design and has worked on such hits as Frostpunk.
Anna Krampus-Sepielak, Head of Digital Dragons
Digital Dragons Awards - list of winners:

Best Polish Game: Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty (CD PROJEKT RED)

Best Polish Narrative: Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty (CD PROJEKT RED)

Best Polish Game Design: Against the Storm (Eremite Games)

Best Polish Game Visual Art: Inkulinati (Yaza Games)

Best Polish Game Audio: The Invincible (Starward Industries)

Best Polish Mobile Game: Hero Legacy: Adventure RPG (BoomBit Games)

Best Foreign Game: Baldur’s Gate 3 (Larian Studios)

Special Recognition Award: Marta Fijak

The winners of the Digital Dragons Awards were selected by a jury of journalists, academics, and game developers:

Grzegorz Bobrek (To Znowu Oni)
Mariusz Borkowski (GameMusic.pl)
Robert Graczyk (Komputer Świat)
Michał Król (PSX Extreme, Radio Szczecin) 
Karol Laska (Magazyn CD-Action) 
Szymon „Hed” Liebert (To Znowu Oni) 
Remigiusz „Rock" Maciaszek (Rock i Borys)
Krzysztof M. Maj (Akademia Górniczo-Hutnicza w Krakowie) 
Borys Nieśpielak (Rock i Borys)
Maciej Pawlikowski (GRYOnline.pl)
Natalia Pych (Grajmerki - gry nie tylko kobiecym okiem, Women in Games)
Patryk „Rojo” Rojewski (ROJO)
Agnieszka Rumińska (Superkami, Women in Games)
dr hab. Paweł Węgrzyn (Uniwersytet Jagielloński) 
Marcin Wronka (Ustatkowany gracz)
Roger Żochowski (PPE.pl)

This year's Digital Dragons Awards show what a diverse, creative, and ambitious market the Polish video games sector is. Among the winners, we have a game that advertises Polish gamedev in the West, which is, of course, Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty, which managed to win two statuettes. But there were also awards for much less mainstream works, such as The Invincible, which gives new life to Stanisław Lem's works, or the amazingly playable Against the Storm, which puts the city-builder genre on its head, which has been a bit dusty until recently. Inkulinati, on the other hand, bases its design on decorative motifs from medieval books. On top of this, of course, there is a thriving mobile games sector in Poland - Hero Legacy: Adventure RPG is a fully localized title that surprises with its scale. All of these games deserve international attention as they all stand out with their originality and the courage to change established patterns. As for the winner of Best Foreign Game, it could not have been any other way - Baldur's Gate 3 reminded us all why we play games at all and why we meet at events such as Digital Dragons.
Maciej Pawlikowski, Editor In Chief GRY-OnLine.pl

The list of nominations - which includes genre- and theme-diverse games - was based on the opinions of the Polish gamedev community through a survey sent out by the organizer.
Each subsequent edition of Digital Dragons Awards is a panoramic view of the rich landscape of Polish gamedev, unique on the map of the whole world. Keeping in mind our idea - that it should be an award "from devs for devs", reflecting the real opinion on quality and prestige in the Polish game industry - we are inviting the whole community to co-create the list of nominees, and to the jury deciding on the winners – we are selecting representatives of the media, independent experts, specialists in various fields. We are proud that every year Polish gamedev confronts the jury with insoluble dilemmas and the curse of abundance - because the competition in each category is always fierce. Certainly, an unobvious but inspiring choice was the recognition of the Phantom Liberty project as Best Polish Game, which is technically a DLC to Cyberpunk 2077. This decision signifies the openness of the industry and the jurors to both smaller independent games and large productions with DLC status. What matters most is the value they bring to players.
Łukasz Leszczyński, Coordinator of Digital Dragons Awards

Digital Dragons Awards Gala

The awards were traditionally presented during Digital Dragons Conference 2024, an annual celebration of gamedev (19-21 May). 

This year, the gala at Krakow's ICE Congress Centre was honored with a musical performance by Carolin "Wønder" Mrugala, winner of the GG Awards Artist of the Year title, a creator known for creating original music and cosplaying. Her talent has previously attracted international gamedev giants such as Riot Games and Tencent.
The event was broadcast for the first time, and viewers were able to watch it on the channels of famous game journalist Remigiusz "Rock" Maciaszek (on Twitch and YouTube, where a transcript of the broadcast is available).
It is worth mentioning that the winner of the Best Polish Game category received a valuable prize funded by AMD in the form of a powerful PC equipped with Ryzen Threadripper PRO 7985WX, a 7900XTX graphics card, and 256 GB of RAM.


Województwo Małopolskie is the Main Partner of the event: the regional authorities implementing a range of projects that serve innovation and economic development of Małopolska, and its attractiveness for investors. Małopolska is a perfect location for running a business, particularly based on new technologies. Evidence of that is the number of new ventures growing every year, including dynamically developing tech start-ups. Thanks to the massive support given to entrepreneurship and the optimal utilization of EU funds and other public funds, Województwo Małopolskie positively stands out among other voivodships.


The Main Sponsor of Digital Dragons Conference 2024 is Activision.

Activision is a leading worldwide developer, publisher, and distributor of interactive entertainment and products whose mission is to create the most iconic brands in gaming and entertainment and deliver unrivaled gaming experiences for the world to enjoy, together.

About Digital Dragons Conference

The Digital Dragons conference is an international B2B event for game dev organized by the Krakow Technology Park, which attracts hundreds of creators and developers from all over the world to Wawel Castle every year. During the event, which takes place May 19-21, participants can not only take advantage of the rich program offer but also take part in the Digital Dragons Awards gala for the best Polish games of the past year, get acquainted with the most interesting productions of independent studios in the special Indie Zone or make new business acquaintances in the networking zone. https://digitaldragons.pl/en/
About Krakowski Park Technologiczny

The Kraków Technology Park (KPT) is the most complete one-stop-shop for businesses operating in Poland. They have a full toolbox to let their clients develop better and faster at their disposal. The system they have developed consists of ca. 350 enterprises, whom they help to build the best conditions for business development and sales increase in their daily practice. They don’t pretend they run businesses instead of their clients. All they do is help them where the growth potential is the greatest. https://www.kpt.krakow.pl/en/
Release date

19-21st of May 2024 (ICE Kraków Congress Centre)
Game modes


Game summary

Digital Dragons is currently one of the largest international events for the digital entertainment industry in Central and Eastern Europe. The main goal is to create a Business to Business (B2B) cooperation platform within the games sector in Europe. This year’s edition will be held at the ICE Kraków Congress Centre on 15 and 16 May 2023.

Key features
  • Digital Dragons Awards - prestigious gaming industry awards.
  • Indie Showcase - a curated selection of the best, most interesting titles on the independent scene – games close to release, already released, and titles still ways off from launch, but already possessing the necessary “it” factor. We will invite 50 chosen developers to show playable versions of their games at our Digital Dragons show floor at Kraków’s ICE Congress Centre – 20 of which will compete for our main prizes. But all of them will vie for the attention of investors, publishers, as well as other devs, and all our other guests at Digital Dragons.
  • Digital Dragons Arena - marketplace: space for young game development studios seeking business partners that doubles as an opportunity for representatives of VC funds, business angels, publishers, and media to meet attractive teams with large potential.
  • Lectures and panel discussions - The conference program features six thematic tracks this year covering the widest possible spectrum of topics in the industry: art in games, games design, business and marketing, mobile, programming and technology, production and leadership, and blockchain.
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