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About us

We started out as many do in this industry – all-night gaming sessions. Over time, our hobby became a profession, and this is how our boutique agency came to be. For eight years, we’ve been supporting mostly independent developers but also distributors and publishers, helping to bring their games to the attention of players and the media. During that time, we’ve worked on indie gems created by two people and AAA console blockbusters developed by major studios. 

This has given us a good understanding of the needs, capabilities, and expectations of small teams in pursuit of a dream to create games, as well as those inherent to working with big publishers. This is why we tailor our approach to each project individually. Most importantly, we believe that with enough work, time, and experience poured into it, every game with a good idea behind it can find success.

Agnieszka, the company’s founder, worked her way up from being a reviewer for Adventure Zone – a site dedicated to adventure games – to a feature writer for the CD Action magazine, to a PR specialist for CD Projekt RED, where she worked both on the Witcher series and Cyberpunk 2077. She used this experience to start her own boutique PR agency, where our focus is on integrity, open communication with the teams we work with, and an individual approach to each project. And we still have to squeeze in an all-night gaming session here and there, too.

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