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Release date

June 24th 2024
Game modes

  • Single-player
  • Online co-op
  • LAN co-op
Game summary

AsHes is an open-underworld survival action-adventure game with online and LAN co-op, and a horror theme inspired by Chinese folklore. Embark on an enthralling journey through the depths of the Underworld, unraveling hidden secrets veiled in the darkness as you delve deeper into the mysteries of this haunted universe.

Key features
  • Immersive exploration – In a realm shrouded in dread, you'll traverse eerie landscapes, encounter various ghosts, and follow their stories.
  • Heart-pounding survival adventure – Surviving in this underworld demands courage and cunning, as danger lurks around every corner. Search for food, build shelters, and craft your weapons to stay alive.
  • Dungeons filled with horrifying creatures – Some ghosts you meet along the way must be vanquished, while others avoided. Utilize the environment and resources and cooperate with other players to enhance your chances of survival.
  • Gripping narrative – Discover a gripping storyline populated by unique ghosts. Confront your deepest fears and uncover the stories behind the ghosts as you navigate your way through the Underworld.
  • Dynamic multiplayer – Embark on the adventure in the online multiplayer mode or invite your friends to LAN co-op, as it’s dangerous to visit the Underworld alone!
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