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DODANE 07.03.24

AirportSim developers have just launched a new Italian add-on to the game - Bologna Airport DLC!

 Bologna Airport DLC will be an expansion adding an Italian airport to the existing five airports in the game, along with a brand new Follow-Me vehicle available exclusively for that location.

AirportSim is a realistic airport ground operations simulator. It allows players to experience daily life in this unusual profession. So far, the studio has prepared four airports in the basic version of the game, along with a free Christmas-themed DLC that introduced a special "Rovaniemi" airport. This time, players can put their hands on another airport, an Italian one, with a brand new Follow-Me vehicle, which adds a sporty touch to the place.
Watch the AirportSim - Bologna Airport DLC Trailer
Download the DLC from Steam today (https://store.steampowered.com/app/2727000/AirportSim__Bologna_Airport/), and enjoy your Italian shift!


Bologna Airport is an amazing facility located in the northern part of Italy, another large airport is being put into the hands of players, allowing more than twenty aircraft to park at once. The complex has been faithfully recreated from photos, video footage, and documentation, so it is reproduced in the game as accurately as possible using currently available technology. The airport includes specially prepared scenarios, allowing players to engage in all available game modes and play together with friends in multiplayer mode.

Another new feature in the game is the unique Follow-Me vehicle. It was created inspired by Italian motorization; in creating this airport, the creators set themselves the goal of allowing players not only to get to know the extraordinary place that is Bologna Airport but also to do so in a completely new and unique style. This car is sure to appeal to all lovers of airport work who appreciate style in addition to vehicle reliability.

  • New airport (Bologna Airport)
  • New follow-me vehicle
  • 3 new challenges
  • 3 new scenarios

MS Games studio is responsible for both the DLC and the AirportSim game development. In 2024 the game will also be released on the Xbox Series X console.

More information about the DLC can be found on Steam, the official website, Facebook, YouTube, and Discord.
About MS Games

MS Games have been putting their heart and soul into video games, the thing they enjoy most, since 2018. Their team consists of young and ambitious people who quickly became experts in what they do. While developing games, they prefer quality over quantity. https://www.msgames.pl/
Available on



Release date

October 19th 2023
Game modes

  • Single-player
  • Online co-op
  • LAN co-op

Game summary

AirportSim is a contemporary and realistic simulator that gives you the chance to take your first step into the world of civil aviation as an airport ground handler. Whether you're a beginner in this genre or a pro that knows the ins and outs, AirportSim, with its realistic graphics, real-life models of airports, licensed machines, dynamic weather conditions, three different gameplay modes, and a team of experts supporting its development, will deliver you the fun, challenge, and setting of a genuine airport apron.

Key features
  • Realistically reproduced airports – Warsaw, Vágar, Keflavik, and Key West, with more to come as DLC.
  • Recreated licensed vehicle models based on manufacturer documents and blueprints.
  • The world's most popular aircraft types – Boeing 737 MAX and Airbus A320 NEO.
  • Diverse game modes – Free Roam, Scenario, and Challenge.
  • Online and local co-op.
  • Real-time weather pulled from active METAR data.
  • Weather customization that allows you to change different parameters.
  • Realistic simulation of time and the position of the sun depending on the geographical position, date, and time of year.
  • Accurate in-game tasks based on documented knowledge and interviews with real-world airport ground handling staff.
  • Steam Workshop implementation, allowing you to create your own aircraft skins and gameplay scenarios.
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