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The Whims of the Gods

The Whims of the Gods

PJ Games
Available on



Release date

Q3 2024 (Steam Early Access)
Game modes

  • Online co-op
Game summary

The Whims of the Gods is a mix of a city-builder and strategy game set in ancient times, offering a core gameplay mechanic built around online co-op for two players. As a result, the game will encourage gamers to completely change their way of thinking and the play styles they’ve developed in the past. Instead of competing, players will need to cooperate for mutual benefits. Instead of attacking each other's cities, they’ll defend themselves together against the impending attack of their adversaries. Only together will they be able to face the ultimate challenge of survival.

Key features
  • City of Dreams. Build your city and watch it grow. Become a leader of the emerging civilization!
  • A mountain full of dangers. Battle terrifying enemies crawling from the heart of the mountain. Defend your city at all costs!
  • Chronicle of Destiny.
  • The anger of the volcano.
  • Destiny Duos. Take part in a cooperative game with another player. Join forces to create a thriving metropolis!
  • The weight of decision-making. Choose your next step carefully – it’ll shape your future!
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