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DODANE 19.10.22

Step into the world filled with magic!

It's time to venture into Zoria - a squad-based tactical RPG with fluid turn-based combat, crafting mechanics, and base and followers management. 

As of September 20, 2022, Tiny Trinket Games studio has released a free demo on Steam, in which we will visit two lands and solve a dozen quests. A Kickstarter campaign for the game has just been launched, for anyone interested in actively participating in development.
Watch the brand new gameplay trailer for Zoria: Age of Shattering
Zoria: Age of Shattering is a tactical RPG set in a fantasy world of Zoria filled with magic, ancient history, tumultuous politics, and countless mysteries. The game takes a classic approach to the genre but is tinged with modern mechanics. Each team member has a fatigue statistic; hence rest is essential. While resting, it is possible to craft new items and potions and cook food, which can give our team additional buffs. When managing a team in the game, it is essential to pay special attention to each team member's unique skills, as they allow access to previously inaccessible arenas and quests.  

The demo, available today, presents one area containing several quests. It is an intro to the world of Zoria, both in terms of lore and mechanics. Players can experiment with different classes, as this will affect how they go through other quests and explore new areas. In the combat layer, the demo showcases various synergies and dependencies between character classes and allows to use of environmental traps to the player's advantage. 


Zoria: Age of Shattering is a classic tactical RPG with fluid turn-based combat, outpost, and resource management. Lead a team of five heroes and use their unique abilities to enter inaccessible areas. The success of your mission depends on your party's condition, so resting and crafting are the keys to victory.


• Fluid and fast-paced turn-based combat in a dynamically changing environment. Keep a close eye on your surroundings, as an enemy walking by may unexpectedly join the fray to support their comrade in need.
• The rich world of Zoria, with its dungeons, ruins, necropolises, and fortifications, is waiting to be explored.
• Your outpost will be your base. From here, you can plan your next expedition, send selected party members on a mission, replenish resources, and make changes to your squad so that the skills of individual members match the task ahead of you.
• Each duel you fight affects your team's fatigue level and depletes resources. Set up camp to craft potions, upgrade weapons, heal wounds and remove curses, and take a nap when you're done.
• During the quests, you will often find yourself in seemingly inaccessible places. Use the unique abilities of each team member, and you will discover new, previously inaccessible areas.

Zoria: Age of Shattering demo is currently available on Steam.

More information can be found on the game’s Facebook, Twitter, and Discord.
About Tiny Trinket Games

Tiny Trinket Games is an independent studio, based in Bucharest, Romania. They are a passionate group of developers with a rich background in all aspects of game development and a fancy for old school gameplay. At Tiny Trinket Games they strive to make games that are first and foremost fun to play but also challenging and rewarding for the player that is skilled enough to complete them. They make primarily PC games but always keep an eye on new platforms and technologies. Tiny Trinket Games is currently developing Zoria: Age of Shattering, a classic RPG with strong tactical elements and base management. https://tinytrinket.games/

About Anshar Publishing

They believe that marketing deserves craftsmanship and an individual approach to each project, based on the expertise of their team professionals. Created in 2021, the team consists of Anshar Studios veterans and experienced specialists who gained their understanding of the industry at key Polish game studios. Apart from experience, they are a group of passionate gamers with an openness to support independent developers and increase the visibility of their hidden gems. They are ready to be challenged and pave the way to your target audience. https://ansharstudios.com/anshar-publishing/

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Game summary

Zoria is a single-player tactical RPG with turn-based combat, and outpost and follower management, set in an expansive fantasy world. In Zoria, you’ll be tasked with gathering the best warriors and mages to form a team of four that will liberate the Kingdom of Zoria which has fallen prey to the hellspawn that roam its land. Once lush forests, majestic buildings, and thriving towns have been transformed into dark, dangerous locales.

Key features
  • Dynamic turn-based combat in an ever-changing environment.
  • Build and develop your base. Manage your squad and send them on autonomous missions.
  • Craft, rest and survive-a bonfire provides a safe spot to restock your resources and prepare for the coming battle.
  • Specific party member skills can open new areas and quests.

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