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DODANE 06.03.24

Get the latest Spring content and learn the new release date for House Flipper 2 on consoles.

This spring, Pinnacove welcomes exciting new content and recognition in a fresh trailer, as the console debut of House Flipper 2 is postponed to April 10th.

Following the celebrated release of House Flipper 2 in December, Frozen District has now unveiled the game's Spring update and a new accolades trailer. Additionally, the studio has revised the console edition launch of House Flipper 2 to April 10th. This Spring Update introduces various new interior options, decorative pieces, and a novel task to Pinnacove's seaside setting. The latest trailer compiles some of the finest feedback from leading industry publications. Catch the trailer below!
Watch the House Flipper 2 - Spring Update Trailer
Follow the game on Steam (https://store.steampowered.com/app/1190970/House_Flipper_2/) to not miss any news, and add the House Flipper 2 to your wishlist on PlayStation Store (https://store.playstation.com/en-ca/concept/10006545) and Microsoft Store (https://www.xbox.com/en-CA/games/store/house-flipper-2/9n67z2d5phw2) to not miss the launch.

Frozen District has also shifted the console version release of House Flipper 2 from its initial March 21st date to April 10th. This adjustment grants the development team additional time to refine the game for console certification. This ensures that the Spring and April Fool’s Day updates (scheduled for April 1st) are available to console players upon release.
Not sure if the console version of House Flipper 2 is worth the wait? Watch the Accolades Trailer that premiers today at 6:00 pm CET
The Spring update enriches the game with new furnishings, decorations, and gameplay features, delivering highly anticipated content to the community.

New Items:
  • Chic curtains and flooring options, including uniquely laid carpets
  • Sophisticated blinds, along with lifelike flames for fireplaces and candles
  • Spring-exclusive order items, a useful ladder, and snug pillows for extra comfort

Enhanced Mechanics:
  • Relish the ability to rest in beds to restore your character's energy
  • Directly sell stairs and roofing in the campaign
  • Adjust the size of objects in Flipper Mode to ensure they fit perfectly in any area

Exciting Additions:
  • Greet 4 new buyers, each presenting distinct tastes and requirements
  • Check out a newly available house and tackle a fresh mission order
  • Take on a special task from Nico and Carol to make their residence a bastion of well-being!

House Flipper 2 builds on the original game’s design and management mechanics with new features and a thorough revamp of existing systems. All are showcased in a vibrant visual style.

About House Flipper:

The House Flipper games are casual, family-friendly design simulators that let players use their creativity and ingenuity to repair, remodel, and renovate run-down houses. More than a simulator, House Flipper games encourage players to relax, express their creativity, and build strong communities. The first House Flipper game sold over 5M copies across PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. House Flipper 2 upgrades the original title with polished mechanics, crisp new graphics, plus new gameplay modes: Sandbox and Story Modes. Currently available on PC, House Flipper 2 will launch on consoles in 2024.

For more news, follow House Flipper 2 on X and Facebook, or visit the store pages: Steam, PlayStation Store, and Microsoft Store.
About Frozen District:

Frozen District is a group of gamers—personalities full of passion for virtual entertainment—regular people who are still ready to pull some all-nighters playing their favorite titles. They know what gamers need, as they are a part of the gaming community, and through creating their projects, which they would play themselves, they fulfill their ambitions. At the same time, they all want to be the best at what they do, still trying to reach the peak of their performance by polishing their skills and seeking innovative solutions. That is why you can find programming, marketing, graphics, design, and many more experts in their midst. Their main priority is constant improvement and crafting all the valuable experience gathered this way into the uniqueness present in their current and upcoming titles. https://frozendistrict.com/


Release date

  • Available on PC.
  • April 10th 2024 - PlayStation 5 & Xbox Series S/X
Game modes


Game summary

A sequel to the House Flipper game that gave players a unique chance to become a one-man renovation crew and sold in more than 3 million copies.

Key features
  • All-new visual style.
  • Build homes from scratch in Sandbox Mode, recreate real-life buildings, or construct ones using your imagination.
  • Restore and renovate properties.
  • Take on Challenging Contracts in the community.
  • Experience a story of transformation told in the four unique neighborhoods of the coastal community of Pinnacove.
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