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Gas Station Simulator


Release date

October 20th 2022
Game modes


Game summary

Gas Station Simulator will allow you to renovate, expand, and run a gas station along the highway in the middle of the desert. Freedom of choice and multiple approaches to running your business and dealing with pressure will be the keys to your success.

Key features
  • Renovate, run, and expand a gas station in the desert – buy an abandoned gas station in the middle of nowhere and restore it to its former glory. Get rid of debris and broken furniture, fix the walls, paint, and decorate the place to your liking. Just don’t spend all your cash on the appearance right away – you bought a gas station, after all. Repair the equipment, buy what can’t be repaired, and start serving your customers to earn money for further renovations and improvements.
  • Build new services like a workshop, store and warehouse – you don’t need to remain small. You can expand your gas station to be able to serve more customers. Also, a gas station is not just about selling fuel. You can expand the array of services you offer and thus attract more and more varied customers. You have various expansion options at your disposal, from smaller ones like providing toilets and a simple store to complement your income to big ones like an entire workshop to perform car repairs. There are quite a few choices, and most of the expansions can be further expanded as well. There’s so much you can do here!
  • Try to handle everything on your own or hire employees to help out – while you can try, in most cases, running an expanded, upgraded gas station offering lots of different services to your customers might be too much to handle for you alone. This is where employees come into play. You can hire multiple employees to help you with the various tasks at the gas station. Employees have their own skills, and some are better at certain tasks than others. Employees also level based on the tasks they perform and become better at them with time.
  • Don’t forget about the supplies – you can’t sell what you don’t have. Keeping track of your stock is important, and ordering at the right time for the right price helps keep profits up. To take even better advantage of low-price opportunities, you can build a warehouse and expand it to allow for greater storage. Keeping a close eye on your stock is crucial, as deliveries take time, and you really don’t want to run out of goods to sell – not to mention fuel.
  • Lots of customization and decoration options – restoring your gas station is one thing but giving it a personal touch is another. The game offers a wide array of options to customize what you’ve already built and lots of decorations to further enhance the uniqueness of the place. Some decorations can be bought, while others have to be acquired during gameplay. It’s not just about making the gas station look nice. The more impressive your gas station looks, the more customers you’ll attract.
  • Lots of different customers with varying needs and expectations – serving your customers is key to successfully running your gas station. Everyone expects to have their gas tank filled and their shopping done immediately. They aren’t even very patient when waiting for vehicle repairs. You will deal with some serious time pressure at peak hours and have to schedule various tasks for when it’s less hectic. Proper time management and choosing the right priorities will become very important in keeping your customers happy.
  • Lots of management options for you to dive into – the game allows you to dive deep into management features and micromanage almost everything. However, if micromanaging isn’t your cup of tea, you won’t be forced to deal with the depths of it. Just remember that micromanaging some aspects like supplies or employees can be very rewarding in terms of finances and fun.
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