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Forgery Craft

Forgery Craft

Frozen District
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Game summary

Forgery Craft offers an engaging narrative where players step into the shoes of Amelia, an artist who turns her talents to the world of forgery. This game pushes the limits of creativity and deception, offering a unique take on the simulation genre.

Key features
  • Engaging Storyline: Journey with Amelia as she transitions from a traditional artist to a master forger, challenging the conventions of art and authenticity.
  • Mastering Forgery: Start with simple document alterations and advance to creating art pieces that could deceive any expert. Experience the thrill of tricking art connoisseurs.
  • The Art of Convincing: A successful forgery isn't just about the artwork; it's also about selling the lie. Choose your words wisely to convince others of the authenticity of your creations.
  • Expanding Your Tools: As your forgery skills grow, so does your toolbox. Discover new tools and learn how to use them to improve the quality of your forgeries.
  • Creative Aging Techniques: Learn to age your creations effectively. Utilize everyday items to make your art pieces look centuries old, adding another layer of challenge to your craft.
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