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Evidence 111

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Release date

November 15th 2022
Game modes

Game summary

Evidence 111 is an interactive audio game that draws from horror and noir stories to transform them into something fresh. It’ll allow you to dive into the story anytime, anywhere, thanks to its broad accessibility and simple controls. Whether you’re commuting on public transport or relaxing by the fireplace, close your eyes and let your imagination run free. By fully utilizing “binaural audio” – a technology mainly associated with virtual reality – the unique story of Evidence 111 can be enjoyed anywhere and by anyone, including a visually impaired audience.

Key features
  • An authentic, immersive experience thanks to binaural audio technology.
  • A branching, decision-based story with up to ten alternate endings.
  • Professional voice acting performances by Zoë Robins, Rosamund Pike, Mike Bodie, and Kenny Blyth, among others.
  • Intuitive controls utilizing swipe gestures.
  • Optimized for a visually impaired audience.
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