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Builder Simulator


Release date

  • June 9th 2022 (PC)
  • October 9th 2023 (PlayStation 4 & Xbox One)
  • April 24th 2024 (Nintendo Switch)
Game modes


Game summary

Builder Simulator is a simulation game perfect for those who ever dreamed about building a house from the ground up. It stands out because of its attention to detail – it allows you to follow the entire building process, from design to construction. You’re not just building a house – you get the full experience of being a builder.

Key features
  • Plan the perfect house project like a professional architect
  • Construct your dream house from the ground up
  • Decorate your house in any way you want
  • Enjoy a wide range of furniture sets and decorative items
  • Familiarize yourself with realistic in-game mechanics, such as cement mixing, pouring the foundation, wall painting, and many more
  • Discover realistic methods of building houses from scratch
  • Experience the essence of being a true builder!
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