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Bloody Hell Hotel

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When it's bloody awesome!
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Game summary

Bloody Hell Hotel is a first-person hotel management simulator with a twist. It's a dark comedy inspired by Tim Burton’s films. Picture this: after centuries of captivity, you awaken from a coma to find your once-great estate in ruins. You do, however, still have your property, and an unending hunger for blood. Vampires can’t enter other people’s homes uninvited, so why not make your dinner come to you instead? It’s time to turn what’s left of your mansion into a prosperous hotel! After all, you’re a blood-thirsty monster trying to enter a hospitality business - what could possibly go wrong?

Key features
  • The most ambitious game in its genre ever
  • A first-person hotel management simulator with a twist
  • A dark comedy inspired by Tim Burton's films
  • A new game from a former film composer and DARQ creator - Wlad Marhulets
  • Striking art style directed by a former Disney artist
  • An epic soundtrack featuring a 60-piece orchestra
  • A myriad of gameplay innovations
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