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BlockStar VR

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Release date

Q3 2022
Game modes


Game summary

BlockStar VR is a shooter game that will test your reflexes and accuracy. Destroy waves of blocks, survive the arena, and be the best! BlockStar VR puts you in the action and keeps you there! Changing patterns, indestructible barriers, demanding challenges, missions of attrition and annihilation… All of these will test your skills and determination! Use unique weapons, crazy power-ups, and imaginative bonuses to win. Dominate the leaderboards and become the one and only BlockStar champion!

Key features
  • A shooting VR game with unique weapons
  • Crazy power-ups and 20+ bonuses
  • 40 missions in different areas
  • 12 unique weapons
  • Optional challenges and various play models, including Survival and Puzzle
  • A storyline presented by in-game commentators and 360° cut scenes
  • A robo assistant who’ll help you progress in the tournament (or tease you)
  • Occasional WTF moments
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