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The Constructors

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Release date

Q1 2024
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Game summary

The Constructors is a new simulation game from the Polish developer, Ancient Forge, creators of a well-received landlord simulator, The Tenants. From landlord management to the bigger picture of renovating a neighborhood, the team behind the game uses all their simulator-based experience to provide the unique experience of being a real property developer.

Key features
  • Design your own neighborhoods - Unleash your creativity and build the neighborhood of your dreams. Adjust your designs to fit your client's needs. Decide on the materials, the number of building stories, the shape of the apartments, and the type of light bulbs used in the hallways. Choose from a plethora of outdoor amenities to make your estates more appealing. Will you go for a small community playground or a rooftop basketball court?
  • Run a construction company - Claim the chair of a boss and become the owner of a construction company. Facilitate the entire process from designing the architecture to overseeing your workers. Handle the business side of things, cash in on your freshly built units, and gather funds for your next investments.
  • Adapt to unexpected events - Don't get surprised when your steel beam transport gets blocked by a random group of protesters! You might have to compromise on your plans to get your business running smoothly. Choose between installing costly solar panels on your roofs or risking delays because of unhappy neighbors.
  • Restore Wondersville to its former glory - Rebuild the city one plot at a time, transforming it from a run-down town on the outskirts of society to a sprawling metropolis. Keep the pace up, as other investors will do anything to get ahead and leverage their ties with the mayor's office. Invest your spare funds into unique city projects that will unlock new opportunities for the more resourceful entrepreneurs.
  • Take advantage of the latest technologies - Folks living in Wondersville strongly support any business owner that decides to use sustainable urban solutions in their projects. The world isn't going to fix itself without the help of the more influential. People will look to you to take the initiative and lead the change towards a planet-friendly future.
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