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Sneak Out

Available on


Release date

June 6th 2024
Game modes

  • Online co-op
  • Online PvP

Game summary

Sneak Out is a free-to-play multiplayer game full of mischief and fun for up to six players. It mixes concepts from Among Us, Dead by Daylight, and Fall Guys, and turns them into delightful on-line mayhem. Become a Hunter, a Hider, or a Ghost and try your luck in an exciting, animated hide-and-seek game full of pranks, strategy, and unexpected twists. It’s just like the childhood game beloved by all. Just sneakier.

Key features
  • Hunt your friends down as the Hunter.
  • Try to escape the Hunter’s scythe as a Hider.
  • Take your revenge and haunt the Hunter as a Ghost.
  • Use the environment to your advantage.
  • Enter the Haunted Castle with style.
  • Take a break in the Lobby and the Social Hub.
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