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Project Downfall

Project Downfall

MGP Studios
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Game summary

Project Downfall is a trippy, multi-choice, brutal shooter with adventure elements. Consider it a mashup of the movie Falling Down with Michael Douglas, John Wick, and the style of Hardcore Henry, but done in a hazy, retro visual style with modern post effects and a dynamic, original soundtrack. Your reflexes and quick thinking will, of course, be vital, but being prepared for the unexpected consequences of your decisions will be equally important. The plot will branch out in multiple ways, leading to alternative paths or even levels that function more as fast-paced puzzles rather than a regular shooter. Even the puzzles here are brutal, gory, and come with lethal consequences. Combine this with a unique gameplay mechanic, the Sanity System, which makes the game world react in multiple ways to your self-medication threshold, add a hardcore approach where health doesn’t regenerate, spice things up with tons of fun ways of dispatching enemies, including the one and only Superkick, and you’ve got yourself one hell of a ride.

Key features
  • The mighty Superkick! It’s everything you think it is, and more. Using it will guarantee your opponents a free flying lesson combined with some impressive acrobatics before they hit the ground hard and die in agony.
  • Finishers executed via a one-of-a-kind Punch Through system. Depending on your weapon and caliber, finishing blows will literally tear your enemies to shreds. Turn them into Swiss cheese with the Uzi or vulcan minigun. Rip gaping holes with the howler. Disfigure them entirely with the various shotguns or cut them in two with the katana. So many possibilities – you’ll have trouble deciding which one to choose.
  • The bleedout states. Style up kills and combos with your weapon of choice to make an enemy enter the bleedout state. The effect will depend on where the enemy was hit. Shoot his arm off, and he’ll grab the blood-gushing stump, screaming in agony. He’ll yell while falling to his knees, guts spilling out after a shotgun blast to the abdomen. This is where the real fun begins, as bleeding out an enemy is only the start of this glorious world of spectacular, memorable, and bloody finishers!
  • The Sanity System. This makes the world react in multiple ways to your self-medication threshold. But you’ll also behave, react, and respond to meds differently depending on what is that you’re currently treating yourself with.
  • Choice-and-consequence-based gameplay. Like in soulslike games, an obscure, seemingly unimportant choice can completely change how your journey progresses or reveal previously missed opportunities and threats. There’s no cheating here. One false move and you have to live with the consequences of your actions until the end of your playthrough. The game will be harsh but fair. Rush into a room packed with thugs with no game plan and you’ll be dead in the blink of an eye. So think ahead, be aware of your surroundings, and treat each enemy, corner, and blind spot with respect. You might stay alive for a little longer.
  • 12 different endings. Project Downfall takes this choice and consequence business seriously, so forget the single finale where you kill the bad guys, save the princess, and ride off into the sunset. Something outwardly trivial, a choice or action taken (or not taken) hours earlier, might lead to completely different outcomes toward the end, and not necessarily ones you’ll like.
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