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Pathless Woods

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Release date

Q4 2022
Game modes


Game summary

Embrace the challenges of various biomes, dangerous beasts, and the evil Jaer cultists who pose a threat to everyone. Explore the world and find a way to survive while fending off danger by working with the surroundings, utilizing resources, and building networks with locals. Want to build a dream home and settle down? Or maybe unlock the ancient seal to finally free yourself? Anything and everything is possible in this poetic world.

Key features
  • Build, farm, and develop!

Have a unique building experience that features mortise-and-tenon joints. Grow your own paddy fields to grow rice. Pour your heart and soul into the seeds until bountiful harvest sprouts from the ground. Maintain the paddy by controlling water irrigation, fertilizers, and temperature. Have fun and celebrate a happy harvest.

  • Chop it down and mine it out!

In this world, your future is in your hands. So gather resources by logging and mining to craft tools. Buckle up and immerse yourself in surviving the wild. Feed yourself and keep an eye on your hydration, body temperature, and sanity while dealing with threats – harsh weather, poison, beasts, enemies, and more.

  • Explore, discover, and be surprised!

Each time you start, a brave new world awaits! Don't miss the stunning views and friendly NPCs while seeking the truth about the ruins. Perhaps there's a surprise waiting for you.

  • Rally allies and stay strong

Stronger together! United, you shall stand! Rally your allies and friends to fight the terrible Jaer cultists. They'll share your burdens as well as the joys of the harvest!

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