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DODANE 29.05.23

See for yourself, what's waiting for you in new Crystal Caverns biome!

EXOR Studios, the developer of The Riftbreaker, has released Into the Dark, the second expansion for the game, on Steam, Epic, GOG, and Windows Store.

The highlight of the update is the addition of the Crystal Caverns biome, an expansive network of caves, corridors, and caverns that span for miles below the surface of Galatea 37. The new biome is rich in natural resources, but players will have to face a host of creatures they have never seen before and learn the inner workings of the complex ecosystem of Crystal Caverns.
Watch The Riftbreaker: Into the Dark Launch Trailer
The paid Into the Dark DLC offers a new branch of the Story Campaign taking place in the underground Crystal Caverns biome. Players can establish a unique subterranean Outpost by excavating soft limestone rock and shaping the environment to suit their needs. The DLC also includes new research items, technologies, weapons, and defensive towers. The Story portion of this Expansion is integrated with the Main Campaign from the base edition of The Riftbreaker, allowing players to continue their adventure where they left off.

The Riftbreaker: Into the Dark paid DLC:
  • Experience an exciting new branch of the Story Campaign taking place in the underground Crystal Caverns biome.
  • Establish a unique subterranean Outpost by excavating soft limestone rock and shaping the environment to suit your needs,
  • Expand your Campaign Mode technology tree by researching unique technologies that can only be acquired in this biome.
  • Collect information on new creatures, vegetation, and other curiosities found only in this underground environment.
  • Repel attacks from massive tunnel-digging beasts using new weapons and technology.
  • Adapt your base-building methods to make the most of the terrain-shaping abilities and novel power-generation mechanics.
  • Discover previously unknown details from Ashley’s past.
  • The Story portion of this Expansion is integrated with the Main Campaign from the base edition of The Riftbreaker. The new branch and the contents of the expansion will unlock as you progress through the game. If you have previously completed The Riftbreaker Story Campaign, you can continue your adventure where you left off. The additional part of the Story will unlock immediately, giving you the option to explore the new part of the world.

The arrival of the DLC is accompanied by the release of the free World Expansion II update. It includes a new Survival Mode scenario, fully utilizing the new cavern-digging mechanic. Players can use Mr. Riggs' drilling arm or explosives to clear out the space they need for expansion. The update also includes new species of creatures, research items, technologies, weapons, and defensive towers. The update also contains major quality-of-life upgrades, as well as improvements in the graphics department with the introduction of volumetric lighting.

The World Expansion II free content update:
  • Crystal Caverns biome - an underground network of caves and caverns for you to explore.
  • A new Survival Mode scenario taking place in the new biome.
  • An entirely new cavern-digging mechanic. Use Mr. Riggs’ drilling arm or explosives to clear out the space you need for expansion.
  • Multiple new species of creatures, unlike anything you’ve seen before. Fight hordes of fearsome monsters lurking around every corner.
  • More than 70 new research items and technologies to further enhance your base and Mr. Riggs’ abilities. Use drones to collect resources and valuable loot. Expand your energy grid using the Energy Relay Stations.
  • New weapons and defensive towers. Build powerful weapons that will obliterate anyone threatening your base. Slice through your enemies with Bouncing Blades. Send a devastating barrage of energy projectiles with the Laser Gatling Tower.
  • Numerous quality-of-life improvements, including the long-awaited Building Ruins feature.
  • …and many more! The full update details will be revealed in the Patch Notes, arriving today!

The Riftbreaker: Into the Dark DLC is available on Steam, Epic Games Store, GOG, and Windows Store at $9.99. The release date of this expansion for the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series consoles is soon to be announced.

More information about The Riftbreaker can be found the official website, Facebook, and Twitter. You can also join the official Discord channel to chat with the developers about the game’s development progress.
About EXOR Studios\

EXOR Studios is an independent game studio located in Szczecin, Poland. A team of passionate veterans, EXOR Studios focuses on delivering high-quality titles for core gaming platforms – PC and consoles. EXOR Studios was officially founded in 2007. However, the company’s roots as a modding group can be traced back to as early as 2003. The studio’s first major project was D.I.P.R.I.P., a total conversion mod for Valve Software’s Source Engine. The experience and know-how gained from this project have allowed the team to produce the games they love and want to make. The first standalone game from EXOR was Zombie Driver, which has sold over 800,000 copies across multiple gaming platforms. The studio’s latest game, X-Morph: Defense, was released on PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch to the acclaim of game critics and players alike. https://www.exorstudios.com
Media contact:

Agnieszka Szóstak
E-mail: agnieszka.szostak@pr-outreach.com
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Release date

October 14th 2021
Game modes

Game summary

As Captain Ashley S. Nowak, “the Riftbreaker,” you enter a one-way portal to Galatea 37, a distant planet at the far reaches of the Milky Way. Your purpose is to build and develop a base that will allow travel to and from Earth for further colonization. Ashley’s Mecha-Suit, which she calls “Mr. Riggs,” can withstand the harshest environmental conditions and has a full range of equipment for base construction, resource extraction, specimen gathering, and of course – combat. It is also capable of traveling through rifts that connect space across vast distances.

Key features
  • Campaign
  • Survival
  • Sandbox
  • Base building
  • Exploration
  • Defense
  • Hack, slash, shoot
  • Gather samples and strange artifacts
  • Research
  • Craft
  • Customize your gameplay
  • Interactive streaming
  • The Schmetterling engine
  • Community-driven development
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