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DODANE 21.03.24

Gather a brave team and get your weapons ready, because Anomaly Collapse will launch on Steam on April 12th.

Spiral Up Games is excited to announce the official release of Anomaly Collapse, the latest title developed by Rocket Punch Games, scheduled for launch on April 12th.

With 8 distinctive furry commanders to choose from and over 200 items and skills to unlock, the game promises at least 10 hours of strategic tactical gameplay. 
Watch the Anomaly Collapse Release Date Announcement Trailer
Add the game to your wishlist on Steam (https://store.steampowered.com/app/2082410/Anomaly_Collapse/) to not miss the launch!

About Anomaly Collapse

Anomaly Collapse thrusts players into a captivating supernatural sci-fi universe, where strategy meets unpredictability in an enthralling turn-based roguelite adventure. Lead a team of furry commanders, each with their special abilities on a one-dimensional battlefield that demands tactical ingenuity. Utilize a blend of class-specific skills, strategic positioning, and an expansive array of items to overcome monstrous enemies and unveil the complex secrets hidden within this universe. 

Aldric Chang, CEO of Spiral Up Games shares, "We are thrilled to announce the much-anticipated release date of Anomaly Collapse. This game brings together the strategic depth of turn-based gameplay with the dynamic challenge of roguelite elements, all set within an engaging supernatural sci-fi backdrop with a diverse cast of furry warriors. We're excited to introduce an adventure that beckons both seasoned strategists and newcomers alike, where every decision can turn the tide of battle.

Anomaly Collapse - Key Features

Innovative One-Dimensional Battlefield: Experience strategic gameplay like never before on a unique one-dimensional grid that maximizes strategic possibilities. Engage in the intricate strategies of flanking, unleash powerful surprise attacks, and entrap your opponents in intense confrontations. 

A Diverse Arsenal of Skills and Items: Discover and utilize over 200 items and skills, and leverage a broad spectrum of options to craft your strategy. This vast collection of abilities allows for deep customization and strategic planning, ensuring no two battles are the same.

Command a Trio of Furry Warriors: Form your squad by choosing from a roster of eight distinct furry warriors, each offering their unique combat strategies. Build creative combinations and strategies from their unique skills, making every encounter uniquely challenging and dynamic. 

Deep Strategic Gameplay: Experience 10+ hours of engaging gameplay where strategy takes center stage as dynamic battlefields and tactical character synergies demand quick thinking and precise execution. Master flanking, leverage character-specific skills, and adapt to ever-changing scenarios for success. 

More information about the game is available on SteamYouTubeFacebook, and X.
About Rocket Punch Games

Beijing-based independent game studio, RocketPunch Games, is dedicated to crafting top-tier games. Their inaugural 2D action title, "Hardcore Mecha", clinched the 2019 PlayStation Indie Game Award, marking the first time a Chinese game garnered such a global console gaming accolade. Upon its release, the game earned an impressive 33/40 from Famitsu, landing it in the Gold Hall of Fame, and an 8.8/10 rating from IGN Japan. https://www.rocketpunchgames.com/
About Spiral Up Games

Spiral Up Games is an international game publisher for high-quality PC indie games, headquartered in Singapore. Its team members comprise experienced game veterans with decades of combined experience in indie game development and marketing. Their mission is to find the hidden gems of the indie market and polish them into shining diamonds so that they can be enjoyed and celebrated by gamers worldwide. Visit http://www.spiralupgames.com for more information.
Available on


Release date

April 12th 2024
Game modes

Game summary

"Anomaly Collapse" thrusts players into a supernatural sci-fi universe, where every step on its innovative 1D battlefield requires strategic planning and execution. Command a unique trio of furry warriors and sharpen your tactical prowess as you face off against monstrous anomalies in turn-based battles. Harness the synergy of specific class skills, precise positioning, and a vast inventory of items to defeat the enemies and unravel the intricate mysteries of this universe.

Key features

A Fresh Twist to Turn-Based Strategy: Anomaly Collapse thrusts you into a groundbreaking one-dimensional battlefield grid, where movements are minimized, but strategy is maximized. Plan your moves and outmaneuver your foes by mastering the art of flanking, launching surprise attacks, and trapping them in thrilling face-offs!

Hundreds Of Powerful Abnormalities: Equip your furry warriors with "abnormalities" – artifacts that possess active or passive effects. Delve into a vast collection of these power-ups scattered throughout the game, each with unique abilities. Leverage the power of these abnormalities at critical moments to turn the tide of battle, and mix and match them to craft the ultimate battle strategy!

A Furry Battalion of Savvy Warriors: Craft a team of adorable yet formidable furry fighters, each boasting distinct classes and powerful traits. With three slots available, your choices will make or break your strategy. Devise innovative ways to synergize their skills, strategize combinations, all while unlocking their intriguing backstories.

Expect the Unexpected: In Anomaly Collapse, the battlefield is ever-shifting. With abnormal being the new normal, be prepared for bizarre, challenging, and even comical events at every twist and turn. These unforeseen occurrences can reshape the battlefield's dynamics in a flash, and flexibility and swift decision-making will be your most trusted allies!

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