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Nemesis: Distress

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Release date

Game modes

  • Single-player
  • Online PvP
  • Online Co-op

Game summary

Nemesis: Distress puts you on a ship lost in space, where evolving Intruders rampage down corridors and rip through everything that stands in their way. Will you save the ship? Will you stay loyal to your crew?  The possibilities are almost limitless, as each game of Nemesis: Distress will create its own cinematic sci-fi horror experience.

Key features
  • The horror experience. Get ready for a thrilling environment where every sound and movement around the ship will keep you on the edge of your seat. There are different types of enemies, including the dangerous Adult that can one-shot you.
  • Unique semi co-op. You will need to find a fine balance between collaborating with your teammates (otherwise, you won’t survive) and not trusting them fully, as some might have nasty secret objectives. This creates an interesting dynamic and adds an extra layer to the horror experience.
  • Noise management. Since the alien species on the ship is blind, you’ll need to be very careful about the sounds you make. But you can also use it to your advantage – throw items to distract enemies and sneak past them… or just use a flamethrower to scare them away.
  • Fresh items idea. Since Nemesis isn’t a shooter, don’t expect too many weapons. Instead, you’ll have a different “arsenal” – a noise detector, hacking tool, or good-old pipe will come in handy in various situations.
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