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Game modes

Self co-op

Game summary

Mixture is an action-adventure self-co-op VR game where you control two characters simultaneously – Sola, The Moth Knight, and The Alchemist. Lead the daring Moth Knight, navigating environments and battling enemies. Use her wing-like cape and lethal scythe, upgrading your tools of the trade along the way. Sola is a dynamic fighter, adapting to any situation, instantly changing direction and position. She can conjure powerful dashes or spread her wings and glide through the air. Use the Moth Knight’s deadly weapon – the scythe, with two modes – which can be wielded for a variety of slashing and stabbing combos. The scythe also expands the Moth Knight’s adventuring abilities. It allows Sola to climb vertically on coarse surfaces and sharply change directions midair. Finally, it provides her with a devastating aerial dive attack. At the same time, act as The Alchemist to interact with the world of solid substances by modifying their qualities with hand-crafted alchemy. Your hands can magnetically attract base elements. Using simple hand gestures, you combine them through alchemic processes, concocting bottled mixtures. As the game progresses, the range of available alchemic formulas grows, too. Cast powerful mixtures at incoming enemies or alchemy-vulnerable areas with a variety of powerful transmuting effects. Learn alchemy’s offensive, tactical, and problem-solving uses through practice.

Key features
  • Play simultaneously as two characters – The Alchemist and the exiled Steel Moth Knight – each with their own skills and hidden agenda.
  • Enjoy the fast and intuitive VR crafting of alchemic mixtures to be cast, leading to devastating effects.
  • Face dangerous enemies in the unique mix & slash combat, where you’ll observe the results of exhilarating VR mixture-flinging action followed by stylish TPP melee combos and finishers.
  • Experience the reinvention of classic Metroidvania ability progression with two concurrent characters and VR-enhanced abilities.
  • Explore the grim, raw, malleable world of rock, gem, and metal.
  • Travel through five unique biomes full of challenges, combat, and secrets culminating in epic confrontations with giant bosses.
  • Follow the heart-wrenching story with morally ambiguous characters.
  • Listen to the resonant, beaming, and oozing original musical score by Thomas Regin (Unavowed).
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