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House Flipper Pets VR

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Release date

December 15th 2022
Game modes

  • Single-player
  • Online co-op

Game summary

House Flipper Pets VR is a game that's sure to entertain every pet lover with a creative streak. It is best defined by the words create, care, and enjoy. Have fun decorating your place, arranging furniture, messing with your pet, and taking care of it. Invite another player to play together and double the fun with an online co-op mode.

Key features
Clean up and renovate

Who says cleaning up can't be entertaining? Throwing trash into a garbage bin from a distance or sucking up cockroaches with a vacuum cleaner in a virtual world is great fun.

  • Change and unroll wallpaper.
  • Lay the floor and wash it.
  • Repair and change the material of the furniture.
  • Arrange and change the mood of the interiors.
  • Buy things in the store.

All this will be as easy as throwing a dog toy, thanks to FURNIBALLS! Store your furniture, upholstery, floor and wall patterns, and other precious materials in them, and use them whenever you want with a simple toss!

Play with pets and take care of them

Everyone wants to have their virtual pet running around and looking for attention.

  • Clean up after them – yes! Scoop the poop.
  • Feed and give them water to keep them happy.
  • Show some love by petting or carrying the kitten or puppy.
  • Throw a ball and watch your dog fetch.
  • Have lots of fun with them – play with your dog using a rope toy, have your cat chase after a laser, or cover them with a cardboard box.

And remember to take care of your pet, or you will find your place in a much worse condition.

Single-player and online co-op mode

Enjoy all aspects of the game together in co-op mode. Give these spaces new life by arranging them and doing the work together. Complete missions and earn rewards. Play together with pets by throwing a ball at each other. It's a whole new experience.

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