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Hairdresser Simulator

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Release date

March 6th 2024
Game modes


Game summary

Create new hairstyles for customers. Cut, dye, and style to perfection. Enhance your skills and master the craft. Run your business and renovate your salon. Generate profit, hire employees - aim to the top! Upload any portrait photo and try out new hairstyles thanks to the character creator!

Key features
  • Choose from 10 hairdressing tools, like scissors, clippers, straighteners, curling irons or combs.
  • Master your skills in 10 hairdressing techniques – thinning, dyeing, straightening, curling, brushing, and more.
  • Use extensive in-game character creator and let your imagination go wild.
  • Purchase 9 potential salon locations in need to renovation – like a library or a pub in the basement – and turn them into perfect hair salons.
  • Take good care of 18 customers with individual stories, hand-drawn avatars and full voice acting.
  • Take appropriate actions to treat your customers’ hair and improve its health.
  • Manage your hair salon wisely – customize it, hire new employees, set the work schedule, and more.
  • Take care of the reputation of your hair salon.
  • Meet Hairry – an adorable little robot that helps clean up after haircuts.
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