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Chornobyl Liquidators

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Release date

June 6th 2024
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Game summary

Chornobyl Liquidators is an immersive sim game inspired by the real-life nuclear disaster that took place in Chornobyl in 1986. What sets it apart from other games inspired by this event is its commitment to historical accuracy, which translates to a high level of realism. In this production, you won’t have to face mutated creatures or anomalies caused by radiation. Instead, you will experience the actual consequences of the reactor failure at the Chornobyl nuclear power plant.

Key features
  • Step into the shoes of the Liquidators.
  • Participate in various missions.
  • Explore the brand-new in-game mechanics.
  • Equip yourself with specialized gear inspired by real Liquidator's equipment.
  • Utilize available items to manage your essential stats.
  • Make difficult moral choices.
  • Explore faithfully recreated areas of Chornobyl and Pripyat from 1986.
  • Strive to confront the high levels of radiation.
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