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Campus Life

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Game summary

Campus Life is a new life simulator game with an isometric perspective, set in a world inspired by American college life in the early 2000s. In this game, players create their own college freshman whose future will depend solely on them. Whether it is becoming a popular idol, a rising star in academics, or an unmatched athlete, the possibilities depend solely on the player's imagination. Over the course of four years of education, players will have a lot of time to choose the right path for their in-game character, as well as explore a variety of possible activities, stories, and relationships.

Key features
  • Complete control over the student path – it’s entirely up to you how to spend four years on campus. Attend classes, participate in Fraternity and Clubs activities, complete main and side tasks, and more. The options are numerous!
  • Create your own story – see how your decisions and undertaken activities impact the plot and the shape of the entire gameplay.
  • Advanced character creator – use the numerous possibilities available in the character creator to design a unique student character. Set their appearance, Traits, Statistics, initial Goals, and much more!
  • A rich system of interpersonal relationships – establish and deepen relationships with unique non-playable characters.
  • High replay value – the game offers a different experience with each playthrough.
  • Experience the vibrant campus life – engage in activities related to student life. Discover the holy grail of work-life balance, dividing time between learning and pleasure.
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