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Back to the Dawn

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Release date

November 3rd 2023 (Steam Early Access)
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Game summary

Back to the Dawn provides a gripping RPG experience set within the sinister confines of a maximum-security prison. Drawing influences from iconic prison shows like Prison Break and Escape from Alcatraz, players will take on the role of a journalist wrongfully incarcerated and caught up in a deep-seated conspiracy. Every corner is brimming with deceit, surveillance, and shifting allegiances, demanding players to be alert and adapt. Forge tenuous alliances or ignite fierce rivalries, climb the prison hierarchy, and navigate a complex web of decisions. Your every choice is pivotal in your quest for freedom and unveiling the truth.

Key features
  • Immersive Prison Exploration: Step into a meticulously designed maximum-security prison, where every shadowy corner, confined cell and winding corridor has a story to tell. Anticipate an intricate blend of strategic thinking and keen observation, as you uncover hidden challenges and discovery points.
  • Diverse Cast of Inmates: Engage with a diverse and vibrant roster of inmates, each pulsating with their own life stories and motivations. Forge alliances that could be your lifeline, or tread the dangerous waters of prison gang politics. In this world, everyone has a story to tell, and every story holds the key to survival.
  • Engaging Prison Occupations: Immerse yourself in a spectrum of prison jobs that mirror the intricacies of real-world penitentiaries. From mastering the nuanced intricacies of laundry tasks to the clandestine dealings of contraband trade—these jobs provide not just monetary rewards but also insights into the prison's underbelly and its intricate power dynamics.
  • Adaptive Gameplay Dynamics: Define your prison break adventure journey on your own terms. Will you rise through brute strength, move like a whisper in the shadows, or pull the strings with silver-tongued diplomacy? Tailor your skill set, devise indispensable tools, and establish your reputation in a dynamic prison ecosystem.
  • High Replayability: Experience an ever-shifting odyssey with Back to the Dawn. Choices don't merely branch paths—they forge them. Every decision you make carries consequences, from minor dialogues to major plot decisions. Your legacy is crafted by your actions, ensuring that each playthrough offers a fresh, bespoke narrative.
  • Shape Your Destiny: The culmination of your prison adventure isn't predefined. Your actions, relationships, and strategies all converge to determine your ending. Whether you find yourself trapped indefinitely, experience the euphoria of freedom, or uncover hidden truths leading to your vindication, the game offers a spectrum of endings to explore and experience.
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