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Release date

Q3 2023
Game modes


Game summary

Alterborn is a third-person survival action shooter filled with dark humor which draws inspiration from multiple genres such as soulslike, roguelite, looter shooter, and more. All mixed in with a plethora of arcade abilities that cause both unspeakable mayhem and fun.

Key features
  • Altered State – Explore handcrafted levels mixed in with procedurally generated content and ever-changing gameplay mechanics. Observe how your surroundings change in real-time before your very eyes.
  • Action-packed playthroughs with no two games alike – Remember that your actions do matter and impact the world around you. Whenever you delve into the Shattered Lands, your experience will differ. Spot patterns, learn them, adjust your toolset accordingly and you shall be rewarded.
  • In-depth RPG and difficulty level customization – Adjust the challenge with gameplay mechanics rather than an artificial slider. Every progression system will require you to make meaningful yet difficult choices. Mix and match countless unlockables to fit your playstyle.
  • Choose your friends and foes – Side with those you deem worthy and fight those you… are just not very fond of. Watch the story evolve depending on your choices, which are built around a complex relationship system filled with possibilities. Through this system you’ll be able to get a glimpse of what is truly going on within this crazed, unstable world.
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