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911 Operator The Board Game

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Release date

July 2023
Game modes

Game summary
911 Operator Board Game is based on the bestselling PC games –  911 Operator and 112 Operator, both published by the Polish company, Games Operators. The tabletop game is produced in cooperation with Arvis Games. The gameplay focuses on locating incidents and dispatching police, medic, and fire units to save the city and its people.
Key features
  • LOCATE INCIDENTS, DISPATCH UNITS, AND SAVE YOUR CITY in a semi-coop board game for 1–4 players from the creators of PC games such as 911 Operator, 112 Operator, and Infection Free Zone!
  • BECOME THE BEST EMERGENCY OPERATORS IN THE CITY. The real heroes behind the first line of defense. You’ll need to work together to save the people from dire situations while trying to become the best of the best.
  • ANSWER THE CALLS AND SOLVE INCIDENTS. Each card has different incident points that differ between police, medic, and fire departments. And calls have time limits to show how fast they need to be resolved. The right units at the incident location can help to solve the incidents as much as their power level. When all incident chips on a location in collected, the incident is resolved.
  • BACK NOW ON KICKSTARTER! The 911 Operator Board Game will be available only through the Kickstarter campaign, launching on October 5th. Make sure to back the Kickstarter campaign and grab your copy while it’s still available.

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