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Welcome to our new website

DODANE 19.01.2022

We encourage you to read our first blog post

After receiving numerous questions about our site (will we have one, when, what will its address be), we are happy to announce that it’s finally here. And as is often the case with games, the work on what would be our internet calling card took much longer than we initially assumed. We also tried very hard to iron out all the bugs before launching it. However, if you find that something has escaped our attention, please let us know via the contact form. We’d also very much like to know what you like or dislike about the site, or what you think it’s missing, and we’ll do all we can to implement any necessary changes.

In the meantime, here are a few words about what you can expect to find here. Naturally, there’s a list of services we offer to our potential future partners, which can be found in the “How we can help” section. For the media: we finally have a real press hub, where you’ll be able to read a few words about each game we’re currently working with, view and download accompanying promotional materials, and request a review copy. In the “Newsroom” section, you can subscribe to our media database and book a spot at a showcase for a particular game during a trade show (provided we currently have registrations). We also have a contributors section where you can apply to work with us. Therefore, if you’re a graphic designer looking for assignments, a trailer editor, a social media specialist, or just want to see if we’re currently hiring (and we don’t mind giving even complete beginners in the industry a chance), this is the place for you. On our blog, you’ll find coverage of the events we’re currently taking part in, important industry events, our PR tricks of the trade, and what we’re currently playing.

We hope using the site will be a pleasant experience for you, and to start things off properly, we invite you to join us on a coffee break. :)

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